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Polyamory is the practice, desire, or acceptance of having more than one intimate relationship at a time with the knowledge and consent of everyone involved. It is distinct from swinging (which emphasizes sex with others as merely recreational) and may or may not include polysexuality (attraction towards multiple genders and/or sexes)

Welcome to Black & Poly!

B&P is a blog where we ask the questions and share the stories that too often go unexamined because of fear, or shame. Our goal is to provide an eclectic, culturally rich environment, where people can come together to socialize, learn, and share common interests related to polyamorous living.

We encourage thoughtful discussions about sex, relationships, dating and intimacy as it relates to polyamory. Through this communication we strive to create connections and build a community that understands no matter how one “does” poly, there is no one way or right way to do it thus promoting a warm and welcoming environment where all are free to express themselves without fear of judgement.

We want to give those who are in a place of new discovery, a safe, fun and knowledgeable place grow, and LEARN. As this “lovestyle” is one that is fairly new to our community, it is imperative that we take active roles in leading, and teaching each other. Knowledge is power. Lets be our best selves and show the world polyamory is relevant and real.  Love.

Ron Young

Ron and Lisa


Fear can stop you loving… Love can ease your fears”


  1. Dave Lewis

    Hi, I was non monogamous during my years of dating, but I never let everyone know so each partner could choose. I thought that is what you were supposed to do because most people cannot handle knowing there is someone else that fills a different role then they do. I am currently married soon to be divorced after our separation, to a beautiful woman and we have 2/children boy and a girl. We had some difficulty in life causing a separation of which is currently the status. My wife has had the feelings of polyamory since a child and like many people she, also thought something was wrong. She didn’t tell me until just last year during our separation after 3 years of a monogamous marriage. At first I couldn’t handle it, but I have to say now, that love style worked when I was single except there was no disclosure. I see this love style eliminating or at least diminishing entitlement thoughts, jealousy, loyalty because everyone is on the same page literally. After sharing this news with her I also have discovered that those areas are further expanded in capacity to deal with those issues more powerfully if and when they arrive. I never thought I would be here now but t here I am actually really OK with it as it calls me forth with my desire to learn more hopefully with my wife but that’s not going to happen. Our relationship as husband and wife is complete. Marriage never worked for me. This will be my 2nd divorce, so I’m really thinking it’s time for something new and as far from traditional as I can get. New territory for me and don’t know where to begin. Any guidance or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

  2. Prof

    I’m new to the whole idea of Polyamory. I actually just heard the word for the first time this weekend because i was explaining a situation i’m in to a friend and he said i’m poly amorous. I noticed my whole life that i love a lot of people, i feel like im a good man, i take care of the people i’m with and i’m understanding but i cant help loving or being attracted to other people for various reasons. I struggle because i feel like im being selfish and that age old saying having your cake and eating it too is always stated when i talk to people about how i feel. I love the woman im with and think she is absolutely beautiful but i still desire the company of others…… #NewJourney If any one can give me some advice on what i should expect that would be dope.

  3. Monica watts

    I’m wondering if you have any group in Oakland California I’m currently not on Facebook so I can’t join your group but if you have any group on Google+ or Tumblr that would be great

  4. Monica watts

    Looking for communities in Oakland California please contact me with what you know I’m currently not on Facebook so I can’t join your group wondering if you have anything on tumblr or Google +

  5. Jackie

    Hi in a poly relationship for 2 years. I am very interested in licking up with like minded people. For fun and just support.

  6. Neil

    Hi Ron, as you are an culturally inclusive group maybe you can tell me if an exclusively black and mixed race group exists? As those in areas of the diaspora where our numbers are much smaller than the US may wish to explore the possibilities that this lifestyle has to offer whilst reinforcing the family units within our own culture.
    Many Thanks

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