A Poly Experience: My Heart on My Sleeve

by Elaine Morgan

Those who know me would say, “She is too emotional and wears her heart on her sleeve, but she always black-couple-walkinghas your back”.

In January 2012, I had begun to develop a good friendship with a couple I use to walk pass and smile at regularly. They have an infectious personality and I just couldn’t stay away, so our friendship grew.

During that time, I was in an on again/off again relationship with my fiancé of 14 years. We had set a wedding date and began planning the wedding. I had told my friends, and though many disagreed with my choice of a partnerweddingcrp, they said nothing. Having been in several long-term monogamous relationships prior to this one, spanning 36 years, I was never satisfied and always looking for romance.

In May 2012, my fiancé wanted to have a ‘serious conversation’ with me. He told me about his six-year-old son, and how he was sorry for keeping the secret for six years of the relationship. I was emotionally devastated and wanted to die. I was so in love with him. He went on to tell me we couldn’t get married yet. Having done nothing wrong, I was dumbstruck when he made this announcement of wanted to put our wedding plans on hold. I told him, “Its now or never”. He said, “Not now”, so, I began cancelling the wedding.

Pouring my heart and tears out to my new friends one of them said, “We’re glad it didn’t work out. You’re too good for him but we would like you to consider dating us. We had been watching you for over a year”.

Being an adventurous person, by nature, I’m always willing to try something, at least once. So, I thought about it. Three days later, I went to them to say I’d like to go ontrio a date with them the following day.

It’s Saturday, their children have been dropped off at a friend’s for the weekend. We are at their home. I was nervous. I had never been with a woman before. We sat in their bedroom; talking, laughing, and drinking, which I needed, to steady my nerves. A few hours into the evening, J (the man) sat next to me, and A (the woman) sat on a chair in front of me. They both started touching me. My head was spinning with all the new feelings I was experiencing, simultaneously. I couldn’t contain the escaping gasps. Then the first orgasm came, and many more.

They told me they had fallen for me over the past year. Then they made love to me all evening and 3waythrough the night, all the time saying the most beautiful things to me…massaging my heart as well as my body. Having never had orgasms for 12 hours straight, it was the first time I EVER felt completely satisfied. I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

That weekend went on for a month. They couldn’t get enough of me, and I them. We were insatiable.

Remember, “I wear my heart on my sleeve”. We had begun a full-on triad relationship.

He was jealous, if I even spoke of someone else, and she would go silent. They asked me to do school transport for their children and run errands; none of which was a problem, in spite of the fact that my own children were all grown and out of the house.Waiting for phone

They told me I was not doing enough for the relationship, though I had my own business to attend to, and now some of theirs. There were times when they wouldn’t communicate for weeks; only calling when they wanted my body. To make it worst, they blamed me.

I was doing everything I could to fit into their lives. They did nothing to fit into mine. I was cool with that.

It all ended a week ago when I told them that I felt insignificant to them. Our communication level had reached zero. Their response was to send me a text saying we should end it. I don’t regret any of my past loves; so, J&A will always be the greatest people who gave me back my heart.

pinned heart

by Elaine Morgan

edited by WritetoMind


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